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Nantyr Forest to Ffynnon Las

The path continues along the forest edge with moorland to the north, then gradually ascends Vivod Mountain and continues across the open moorland to Ffynnon Las.

Distance: 5.6 km / 3.5 miles
Difficulty: Difficult (open moorland, some ascent)

The summit of Vivod Mountain is crowned by a Bronze Age burial cairn with a second nearby on the crest of a hill. This suggests the area was used by Bronze Age peoples who probably cleared and farmed the lower slopes but would bury their dead on the higher land.

The moorland around Vivod Mountain has been managed for grouse shooting since the early 20th century. Look for the lines of stone and turf shooting butts that provide shelter for the guns, and also conceal them from the birds who are driven across the moorland towards them by teams of beaters. The keepers regularly burn the heather to ensure a good supply of fresh shoots for the young grouse. This management also benefits other animal and bird species and prevents the heather moorland reverting to scrub. You may also notice a small pond. This may have originally been a duck decoy, carefully designed to lure wild ducks into an adjoining netted ditch for easy capture.

Look Out For … You may hear the hollow croak of a Raven as it flies slowly by or the mewing call of Buzzards as they circle overhead. Curlews, easily recognised by their long down curving beak and plaintive 'coor-leee' cry, breed on the moorland in the summer. The smaller white-rumped Wheatear, often seen perched on a rock or post, is another common summer visitor..