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Corwen to Carrog

Starting at Corwen, the path climbs to just below Caer Drewyn hillfort before continuing above the Dee to the tiny village of Carrog.

Distance: 6.5 km/4 miles
Difficulty: Medium (some ascents)

Corwen is an ancient market town situated at the junction of the rivers Dee and Alwen, in the Vale of Edeyrnion. In its Victorian heyday, the town was the hub for road and rail access to North Wales. Today, the distinctive town centre is of special architectural and historical interest, and a designated conservation area.

Overlooking Corwen is one of the best preserved Iron Age hillforts in Wales. Caer Drewyn means ‘fort of the white town’ and was occupied sometime between 600BC and the Roman occupation. The stone ramparts may once have been topped by a wooden palisade that protected a settlement of large, thatched round houses. Look for traces of their stone foundations beside the fort.

Look Out For … South Denbighshire is home to the increasingly rare red squirrel. A few conifer plantations, like that at nearby Pen-y-Pigyn, still hold populations of our tiny, native red squirrel. Sadly, they’ve been in decline ever since the larger American grey squirrel was introduced to Britain in the 1870s..