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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Different Types of Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpets may require more frequent cleaning than other types of spaces. This is because more people enter and exit the building, dragging in dirt, water, and mold. This means that these places should have deep cleaning done more frequently. Additionally, if a commercial space is highly trafficked, the need for deep cleaning may be greater than for less heavily trafficked areas.

Dry carpet cleaning

Dry commercial carpet cleaning is an eco-friendly, low-moisture method that can be used to clean commercial carpets. This process uses compound cleaning agents that penetrate deep into the carpet fibers and break down dirt. The compounds are then removed from the carpet during the cleaning process. The chemical agents can also be used to protect carpet fibers, similar to how stain shield spray can protect furniture.

Dry commercial carpet cleaning is also known as dry chemical cleaning. This method is similar to steam cleaning, but uses less water. The chemical solutions are applied to the carpet and agitated into the carpet using a rotating brush. The carpet is then vacuumed. The attached soil is then rinsed out of the carpet. The process isn’t dry as quickly as steam cleaning, which uses heat and agitation to remove stains. Because dry chemical cleaning isn’t a complete dry process, it is important to vacuum often to avoid a buildup.


Encapsulation is a relatively new technique for carpet cleaning. It was only discovered in the 1990s and has since risen in popularity. This type of cleaning uses a chemical solution that encapsulates the soil and residue in the carpet. The polymer contained in the encapsulation solution crystallises around the dirt, removing it through a series of routine vacuum cycles.

While encapsulation is effective in removing soil, not all products are created equal. Some encapsulation products have a higher polymer content and are therefore more expensive. Carpet Cleaning Others are less effective and may leave a residue on the carpet. If you’re unsure, it is important to conduct a dish-drying test to see which type of encapsulation product is best for your needs.

Truckmounted hot water extraction

Truck mounted hot water extraction for commercial carpet cleaning is a process in which a cleaning solution is forced into the fibers of the carpet. The solution is then sucked back out of the carpet, leaving it cleaner and drier. This process is recommended by carpet manufacturers and is the most efficient way to clean carpets. Its advantages include less water consumption and less chance of over saturation.

A truck mounted hot water extraction unit produces higher pressures than portable units. It can reach over 200 degrees Fahrenheit, which helps the cleaning agents work more efficiently and kill more bacteria. It is also three times faster than a portable unit. This higher pressure helps remove more dirt and soil from carpets and lessens the amount of residue left behind.

Spot and stain removal

Commercial carpet cleaning is an excellent option for removing stubborn stains. However, before you use a commercial carpet cleaning service, you should be aware of the differences between spot and stain removal. Spots are easier to remove from a carpet than stains, which move deeper into the carpet fibers and change its color and structure. For best results, it is recommended to hire a professional carpet cleaner. The sooner you act, the better. The following tips can help you remove spots and stains without permanently damaging your carpet.

First, you should know that different stains have different chemical properties. If you are dealing with a cashmere or wool fabric, you will need to use a different stain remover. You should also avoid using bleach or other harsh chemicals on carpets, as these can damage them. Bleach and ammonia can cause flammable fumes, and they can fade colors more quickly.

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